Stevic G'ladheon is a wealthy merchant who lives in Corsa. In Green Rider it is revealed that he is the perhaps the single wealthiest person in all the provinces. He invests heavily in shipping and deals mainly with textiles and spices.

Thirty-five years prior to the events of Green Rider, Stevic served aboard the merchant vessel Gold Hunter which was a privateer when Sacoridia was in conflict with the Under Kingdoms. After the conflict ended, the ship continued to practice piracy. He was only old enough to be a cabin boy at the time.

Stevic is the father of Karigan G'ladheon and it is from him she inherited her temper. His wife's name is Kariny and she died sometime prior to the events of Green Rider. Stevic wears a ring with the clan emblem of a ship at full sail on the sea. The matching ring was worn by his wife but is now owned by Karigan.

Stevic is described as being well over six feet tall. He has a set chin, wide shoulders, and brown hair flecked with silver that is long and loose. He dresses so richly that he is often mistaken for a noble. When such a mistake happens, he is quick to correct that he is not a noble. He is proud of his simple heritage and continues to do hard work.