Laren Mapstone is the current captain of the Green Riders. Her brooch grants her the ability to sense whether a person is telling the truth. She has red hair that appears like new copper in the sunlight and burnished auburn indoors. Her hair is streaked with gray. She has hazel eyes, faded freckles, and a hawklike nose. She has a scar running from her chin and neck to under her clothing. Her horse's name is Bluebird. She takes part in the fight at the end of the book she is also mentioned in a book at a rider shack.

Green RiderEdit

In Green Rider, Captain Mapstone was first seen in Selium. It was here that she met Stevic G'ladheon and promised to keep an eye out for his daughter Karigan. When Karigan made it to Sacor City, Captain Mapstone helped her out. Captain Mapstone also played a role in taking the throne back from King Zachary's brother Prince Amilton.

First Rider's CallEdit

In First Rider's Call, Laren Mapstone is one of the Riders whose special abilities malfunction. Her brooch acts up, and she locks herself in officer's barracks, eventually coming close to suicide because of the overload of information. She is visited by the spirit of Gwyer Warhein, a past wearer of her brooch, who helps her deal with this.