One of two Weapons who were still loyal to Prince Amilton after his exile. She has long russet hair. Her loyalty to Amilton seems to be more than duty-- almost a blind love, as she meekly comes back to him and stays even after he abuses her. Along with Torne, she became a mercenary with the task of capturing F'ryan Coblebay and his message. They capture Karigan instead, though Karigan escapes and spares her from F'ryan's ghost killing her.

She is intent of hunting down Karigan, but in the throne room during Amilton and Shawdell's siege, Karigan convinces her that Amilton is not who she used to serve, and she spares Karigan, sealing her fate own fate. She had already killed Devon Wainwright; to spare herself Saverill's fate, she throws herself on the sword of another Weapon.

She is buried by Amilton, albeit along a more obscure lane of the Avenue of King and Queens.