Location: Throne Room of the castle in Sacor City; Throne Room and castle corridors
POV: Stevic G'ladheon; Jendara


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Stevic waits in the throne room, very unnerved by the nobles who scream as Amilton afflicts them with tainted wild magic. Nobles who resisted were killed. To survive, the nobles must swear undying loyalty to Amilton. Stevic and Sevanno sit on a bench in an alcove. As merchants, they are considered unimportant. Devon Wainwright stands among the nobles. She speaks with black-clad Estora. He worries about Karigan. He remembers his brief meeting with Connly. He and Sevanno wonder if the stories about Karigan were true. Sevanno thinks they probably are.

Previously, Stevic and Sevanno went to Rider Barracks in search of Captain Mapstone, but weren't able to find any Green Riders. After nearly being run down by te Light Horse, they waited in the barracks for the Captain to return. Then, they left the barracks and discovered the coup happening. They went ack into the barracks, and were broght to the throne room by Mirwellian soldiers who mistook Stevic for a nobleman.

Now, Stevic wonders where Karigan is. castellan Crowe announces that the Lord-Governor of L'Petrie province has sworn fealty to Amilton. Svanno laments the effect this will have on trade. Stevic sees wraithlike figure across te throne room. She looks thin and hard, but self-posessed. The ghost turns, and Stevic recognizes it as Karigan. She s aded outm but he mistakenly believes that he is seeing her ghost. He is heartbroken. Sevanno tries to dissuade him.


Jendara patrols the throne room. She seeks out Stevic because she found him familiar when she saw him before. She finds Stevic sobbing, and demands of Sevanno to know what is wrong with Stevic. Stevic is uncooperative. Jendaa threatens him, and he explains that Stevic is grieving because he believes he has seen the ghost of his only daughter. Jendara looks at Stevic's face and it reminds her of Karigan. She recognizes the troth ring he is wearing, and says that Karigan shoukd have killed her when she had the chance. She tells Stevic that she knows Karigan. Jendara stalks the throne room to find Karigan. She remembers seeing Karigan disappear. Jendara sees a streak of green near the entrant and charges into the corridor. She chases a faded-out Karigan. Around a orner, Karian has extinguished te lights. Jendara attacks a suit of armour. She percieves Karigan hiding beside one wall. She slashes and strikes Karigan a glancing blow. She moves to strike again, but a suit of armour falls on her, stunning her. She rises and tracks Karigan's blood trail, lightng her way with a candle.