Location: North
POV: Karigan G'ladheon


Characters ReferencedEdit


  • Karigan's rider brooch
  • Fortune telling cards


The anti-monarchy league enters the Fallen Tree, and lorelie dorran gives an inspiring speach. A servant offers Karigan pie and tells her about the Anti-Monarchy league. Lorilie approaches Karigan and attempts to woo her to her cause. She speaks of tax inequality. Karigan finds her distaste for merchants unpalatable. A kinghater calls Lorilie back to her table. They leave.

Karigan, sleepy, returns to her room. She changes into an oversized rider shirt to sleep, but cannot sleep. Late at night, she is roused by footfalls in the hallway. Someone rattles her knob. A bright light beams in through the keyhole. Karigan gets out of bed and draws her sabre. The door begins to warp. She finds her brooch is warm. The light winks out, but then a very black orb floats in through the keyhole. It is tiny at first, but swells to he size of her head. It follows her as she backs away.

There is the sound of heavy footfalls in the corridor. A voice demands to know who is there. The orb vanishes and he door stops warping. Someone knocks - it is the minstrel. He explains that he is a Selium minstrel, and she invites him in. He introduces himself. He explains that a Green Rider was looking for her the previous day - Karigan tells him that Joy is dead, mentioning her suspicions about the black arrows. Gowen tells her that Mirwellians were in North a few days ago, looking for her too.

The Innkeeper and his guard arrive, to make sure the minstrel isn't bothering Karigan. Gowen is contrite. The Innkeeper is mollified, and leaves after threatening Gowen. After tge Innkeeper leaves, Gawin insults him and warns Karigan to heed Clatheas' warnings. He leaves, and Karigan goes back to bed.