Location: The Green Cloak forest

POV: Karigan G'ladheon


Characters ReferencedEdit

  • Lord Drananir
  • Laurelyn
  • The Moonman
  • Estral Andovian
  • King Santanara
  • Prince Jametari
  • Kariny G'ladheon


  • Professor Berry's Moonstone
  • Bunchberry flower


Karigan's dreams change from nightmare to more pleasant ones. She awakens to see dozens of moonstones, and Eletians. One explains that they are friends. One speaks to Softfeather. She sleeps, and has pleasent dreams of feasts and Eletians dancing. She is aware of a song, and gathers its meaning although she does not know the language.

By bright of light in Laurelyn's step

By the brilliant light of Moonman's beam
We leave the shadows of the night
In the realm of poisoned dreams

Our hearts will lift at the hour
When the light conquers the dark
And when poison from the heart is driven
We dance in a glade in Laurelyn's step

Karigan is aware of day dawning, and Eletians dancing. She falls into a dreamless sleep.

Later, she awakens feeling very weak. An eletian gives her water. Somial introduces himself. He says that Condor is well. He explains that she had been very ill for three nights, and compliments her resilience. He tells her they are tiendan, and declares her to be a friend of the Eltwood.

He warns her that she is still ill, but says they will watch over her until she recovers. She sleeps again, peacefully.

She awakens, sore and weak but feeling much better. Her wrists have been bandaged. The eletians are gone. Condor arrives. She spends another day and night in the clearing, recovering.