Braymer Coyle is the son of a wealthy Rhovan Merchant. Stevic G'ladheon and Braymer's father attempted to set up him and Karigan. Stevic sent a beautiful dress to his daughter, and the Coyles sent a servant to give Karigan Braymer's inviatation. Karigan was infuriated with her father for thinking he could set her up for marriage, however, she knew that she could not turn down the invitation.

Braymer took Karigan in a carriage to a tea shop in Sacor City. Along the way he did not speak to Karigan, intensifying the awkwardness of their situation. In the tea shop, he purchased the finest products including kauv, a drink similar to coffee, which was very expensive. Karigan broke their silence by asking Braymer about himself. Braymer admitted that he was not accustomed to being in the company of woman, as he had spent many years living in a monastery. Karigan was completely unimpressed with him.