Blackveil Forest, or the Kanmorhan Vane in the Eletian tongue is dark, twisted wood, located on the peninsula south of D'yer province.

History: Edit

Blackveil was once the Eletian realm of Argenthyne but was conquered by Mornhavon when he arrived from Arcosia, and made into his capitol, renamed Mornhavonia. Many remnants of the Eletian kingdom still remain in the forest, like the curving road bordered by crumbling statues, the ruins of settlements and Laurelyn's castle. However, due to the black magic used by Mornhavon, the forest has become corrupt and tainted, full of horrible, dangerous creatures and twisted magic. Because of this, it was closed off at the end of the long war by the building of the D'yer wall, in order to protect Sacoridia and the other lands from its evil.

Blackveil Forest is the current location where Mornhavon is currently sleeping.

It is also the ONLY area where magic still exist and pool, and where the source of magic now reside.

However, with the affect of magic in this forest, it has affected many changes on the animals, making them different than that outside the forest.

The D'Yer wall was breached by Shawdell and consequently, the magic has started flowing into Sacoridia.